A single act of service is enough to make a difference, but together we can impact the world!

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Giving is the best therapy

The Mr. Eddie Foundation operates on the basis of service. We strive to encourage, inspire, and enhance the lives of the local community through service projects and outreach programs.

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving

Service projects and outreach programs are designed to enhance the local communities and make lasting impressions on the members of those communities.
The Mr. Eddie Foundation aims to spread a wealth of service, resources, and positivity to all of our neighbors regardless of location or necessity. By taking an active role in the community, The Mr. Eddie Foundation answers the question #WWJED in more ways than one.

 What will you do…


The Mr. Eddie Foundation was born from a simple question: What Will Jarell Do… and the answer is simple →

Jarell Eddie employs his triumphs and trials as a tool to empower. The #WWJED movement references what Jarell has and will do in the continued pursuit of success and service.

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Coffee & Clothes

We are organizing a clothing collection for a charity event in partnership with @Starbucksblackswans and @SIGStrasbourg. You can also drop clothes off @Starbucks_kleber and @Starbucksgutenberg . Thank you in advance for your participation.

Visit @mreddiefoundation to see how else you can get involved.


Nous organisons une collecte de vêtements destinés à un événement caritatif en partenariat avec @starbucks.blackswans @sigstrasbourg. Vous pourrez également déposer des vêtements au @starbucks_kleber et au @starbucksgutenberg. Merci d’avance de votre participation.

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