Giving is the best therapy

Meet the Eddies

Jarell and Nekolle met in 2008 over a decade before creating The Mr. Eddie Foundation.

Their experiences, faith in God, and philanthropic values all played a significant role in the inception of The Mr. Eddie Foundation, but the idea was born from the couple’s simple desire of just being together.

Coming into the league undrafted, Jarell learned early he would have to make sacrifices to gain success. Sacrificing time with his family was hardly an option though, so Nekolle and Jarell paved a different way and discovered a greater purpose.



Throughout nine moves in four years, stints with multiple NBA teams and shuffling in and out of the NBA’s developmental league, The Eddie’s encountered an abundance of blessings. It is through the trials that the Eddie’s grew to cherish their blessings. And through the triumphs that they were able to bring their vision of The Mr. Eddie Foundation to life.

Our vision

  1. Employ the #WWJED  philosophy to encourage, inspire, and lead by the example.

  2. Organize and execute service projects designed to enhance the lives of those in the community.

  3. Utilize outreach programs to impact the youth and empower them to be their best selves.

  4. Gather and distribute resources based on the needs of individual communities.

  5. Cultivate lasting and meaningful relationships through the #WWJED initiative.