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14 April 2019
Coffee & Clothes

We are organizing a clothing collection for a charity event in partnership with @Starbucks.blackswans and @SIGStrasbourg. You can also drop clothes off @Starbucks_kleber and @Starbucksgutenberg . Thank you in advance for your participation.

Visit @mreddiefoundation to see how else you can get involved.

Nous organisons une collecte de vêtements destinés à un événement caritatif en partenariat avec @Starbucks.blackswans and @SIGStrasbourg. Vous pourrez également déposer des vêtements au @Starbucks_kleber et au @Starbucksgutenberg. Merci d’avance de votre participation.

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16 November 2018
The Mr. Eddie Foundation Gives to Teachers

The Mr. Eddie Foundation targets teachers for their latest giveaway! Keep a lookout as Mr. Eddie provides Walmart gift cards to 50 teachers in various communities. Yours could be next!

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16 November 2018
Pen Pals with The Mr. Eddie Foundation

The Mr. Eddie Foundation is excited to present our first outreach program of 2019.

Pen Pals with The Mr. Eddie Foundation.

Contact us at for more information.

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12 May 2018
#WWJED Tour coming to a city near you!

Catch Jarell Eddie and the Mr. Eddie Foundation as they hit the road to serve your community.

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